Tsuriki Show

Tsuriki Show
Tsuriki Show

Our names are Vova and Anya, in short - VovAnya.
We are arranging a Tsuriki Show for you.

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  • Pranita Singh
    Pranita Singh


  • Gowry Perumal
    Gowry Perumal

    Enatha irunthalum motherkum dadkum sarisamama irukkanum

  • Brexen Bryson
    Brexen Bryson

    That dude is so lazy and mean

  • Daniela soltera jeje🙈😏
    Daniela soltera jeje🙈😏


  • Emmamuel Escobar
    Emmamuel Escobar


  • Vitória games♡:)    #salveluluca
    Vitória games♡:) #salveluluca

    Mulher não tem a obrigação de fazer tudo para os homens Por que mulher tem o msm direito q homens!!!!!

  • Cutest kids
    Cutest kids

    Reverse the video hahahaha 😂😂

  • Kyrito

    Bruh I'm boutta fight both of them for this stupidas shit

  • Santiago Ezio
    Santiago Ezio


  • Joury_cookie🍪💗

    No A

  • Salhi Islam
    Salhi Islam


  • Rinku Agrahari
    Rinku Agrahari


  • بودى بودى
    بودى بودى


  • Juksel Rifatovski
    Juksel Rifatovski


  • Prachi Singh
    Prachi Singh

    You are very caring for her

  • Rafael Moura
    Rafael Moura


  • Allan Robin
    Allan Robin

    So kind

  • Eduardo Salvatierra
    Eduardo Salvatierra


  • Vipin Dwivedi
    Vipin Dwivedi

    Background is perfect for this video

  • Rusber Vera
    Rusber Vera


  • Leide Ferreira
    Leide Ferreira


  • Maria Villa
    Maria Villa

    Lelelelelelwlelrmrmnmm rlkrkelrmfmfmfm kekekrkkekrlrek rjrjjgjgkfnrk nrlrl k3mrkflf rloeoelfl

  • Cute Aries
    Cute Aries

    Wow girl if I was on there I could lose

  • Camila Barreto
    Camila Barreto


  • Syeda Syead
    Syeda Syead

    Love my parents ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Mokhtar Mir
    Mokhtar Mir


  • ادم ادم
    ادم ادم


  • Abuhuraira Abdullah
    Abuhuraira Abdullah


  • يوميات البوب أيت
    يوميات البوب أيت


  • Veronica Silva Campos
    Veronica Silva Campos