Viego Special Interactions
Special/Hidden/Secret Interactions for the new Champion, Viego.
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Shows all the specific first encounters etc Viego has.

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  • iera dp
    iera dp

    Okay, why does he sound Indian?

  • Julius Lamong
    Julius Lamong

    "Your pain is nothing compared to mine" Aatrox: Are you sure about that?

  • Davidson Monson
    Davidson Monson

    I was hoping there was an interaction with mordekiaser and honestly i wanted it to be a fearful one like. " no I'm not ready to leave I still have to find her before you take me." Or "No i final have a chance to be with her again don't take this from me." in a fearful voice.

    • Shouday

      Lol Morde fan boi XD

  • Dizor Elijah
    Dizor Elijah

    3:21 Haymaker: "He's Right"

  • Oxguile

    So, he doesn't have any ineractions with Mordekaiser? ok

  • turtlar

    hes voice fits a ruined king. but he looks like a male stripper

  • Historia Reiss
    Historia Reiss

    the only good thing about this event is that the mf is frozen now.

  • Gerald Jinx ‘Jerry’ Mouse, Sr.
    Gerald Jinx ‘Jerry’ Mouse, Sr.

    1:38 “You will fight only for me” **Viego fighting against Sentinels** Also Hecarim nearby: 🤤😋🌱🌿🌿🌱

  • Najemniczkas

    Ngl, I don't like the voice actor's delivery of the lines. It sounds so much worse than the cinematic for some reason

  • Nocturnal Pyro
    Nocturnal Pyro

    0:02 I get it cause Vladimir is a Vampire No he is not a hemomancer, he's a vampire.

  • Chargeman Kenshiro
    Chargeman Kenshiro

    He is Darth Vader and Davy Jones combined

  • Twicken17

    First time hearingt his voice. I just saw the promo material. I'd never imagined he sounded so goofy. XD

  • Frostery

    So he is not actually Viego anymore

  • daily dose of randomness
    daily dose of randomness

    Is there an interaction when he buys blade of the ruined king?

    • Kyle Balaguer
      Kyle Balaguer


  • David Cassion
    David Cassion

    Damn Viego is like Pain,but Aatrox is Itachi

  • SE Rampartz
    SE Rampartz

    king of the simps

  • RB Central
    RB Central

    The pain in his voice when Viego mentioned Isolde in Yorick's Interaction :(

  • Rhaast

    Yes simp king whatever

  • Rizky Pratama Juliansyah
    Rizky Pratama Juliansyah

    The Simp King

  • Warlock Studios
    Warlock Studios

    At 0:55, Veigo sounds Mildly annoyed at Kindread instead of angry at them. It has a “What the heck, not cool man” energy to it.

  • Seila Hy
    Seila Hy

    No wonder why we got AFK player Maybe this guy is doing the record speech at base...(Joking xD)

  • Aditya Kalluri
    Aditya Kalluri

    I find so many similarities between Obito and Viego

  • FullCaber

    hate they turned him into anime boyfriend

  • Veselar

    Damn, he has a lot of cool voicelines, but in game, he's still unbalanced

  • Cyrol

    Ultra Tier 3 Sub vibes coming from him ngl

  • Bảo Phùng
    Bảo Phùng

    So Senna is Isolde ?

  • matt tamu
    matt tamu

    No mordekaiser?

    • Trinty

      nothing to do with Viego


    Make a movie now


    I hope for Having Endgame vibes for league of legends

  • frappuccino 987
    frappuccino 987

    Ah yes, the walking red flag

  • NTR Connoisseur
    NTR Connoisseur

    Damn so Viego is a giga simp?

  • Bulus Tilis
    Bulus Tilis

    He sounds like Dr. Doof wtf...

  • høney bee
    høney bee

    Viego: answer for you crimes death! Kindred: *insert cat vibin while at a dinner table pic*

  • serdar şimşek
    serdar şimşek

    Not to be a hater (btw i like the concept) but this guy is no king. I mean this champ could be so much more. He is supposed to be the king of the dead but instead speaks like a teenager who's been dumped by his gf. And also the line ''Your pain is nothing compared to mine'' doesn't even make sense when characters like Ryze, Aatrox, Kindred, Yorick exist in runterra who's story is much more painful and they actually serve a higher purpose. P.S He wears skinny jeans. What a weeb.

    • Rokaya wael
      Rokaya wael

      Its part of his he personality wasent meant to be king thats why he dosent talk like one he was a spoiled prince thats why he dosent care for the suffering of others all that matter to him is that him and isolde reunite

    • Krust Bruh
      Krust Bruh

      Just like Swain said "You can sit on a Throne, That doesn't make you a ruler, it only means you have and arse"

  • Skeleton

    Coming off of swain's and asol's 18 minutes of interactions and dialogue to the Ruined King's 5 minutes is very disappointing. Hell even odyssey kayn has more lines and that's just a skin

    • Krust Bruh
      Krust Bruh

      He gets new line every 2 weeks for some reason and he has alot of Idle and random Voice lines

  • Elementman EXE
    Elementman EXE

    Viego: hello... uncle Kalista: hello... uncle Hecarim: hello... ok this is a little awkward

  • jamesbn23

    Nothing with Mordekaiser?

  • Austin

    Well, thats a tier 5 simp if i've ever seen one.

  • Anderson Dalmeus
    Anderson Dalmeus

    Why does he have such a thick foreign accent but Vladimir sounds just like everybody else

  • Leviathan Ainsworth
    Leviathan Ainsworth

    Viego the simp king

  • William Meyers
    William Meyers

    3:55 I love how he says submission

  • SomeRandomBlueCringe

    0:53 sounds like doofensmirtz

  • Royce Kenneth Minor De Vera
    Royce Kenneth Minor De Vera

    If Mordekaiser only have a interaction with Viego I can see him mocking Viego 😆 The interaction would go like this: “ Your ambitions are litte, full of childish needs! I look far beyond this realm, to greater conquest!” - Mocking Viego’s childish ambition of wanting to resurrect Isolde “Ahhhh the Ruined King, Viego! you will be a fine addition to my Generals” - Mocking Viego as even though Viego is a powerful Wraith and he controls the Black Mist and King of the Dead, Mordekaiser on the other hand is the Lord of Death as he conquered Death by sheer will alone and Viego is nothing to him but an inferior mockery of Mordekaiser’s glory ! •He conquered the World when he was alive •He conquered Death even after he died •He conquered the World again after he got resurrected •Build his own Empire that would later be known as Noxus •And now he is currently building another empire in the Realm of the Dead using Souls that he have killed.

  • Shubhankar Biswas
    Shubhankar Biswas

    Viego sounds so indian Or He might just be weird

  • Alex Maynard
    Alex Maynard

    Honestly surprised that there's no quotes towards Mordekaiser I mean, he's a flat out MAJOR threat to Viego

  • Spellbinder

    why does he sound like someone trying to do Nolan North?

  • RiVeTiNg

    Whats the music in the background?

  • Luccas

    The english voice acting sounds a lil goofy. Viego in the brazilian portuguese dub sounds straight up hot lmao

  • Tyler Linton
    Tyler Linton

    Awnser for your crimes De- THERAPY

  • Umit Hayim
    Umit Hayim

    i guess he is hispanic?

  • Cowzle

    My hope is that if Isolde does become a champion he will get more lines.

  • Jose Hyeon
    Jose Hyeon

    Arise, death... Solo leveling vibes

  • Fernando Leiras
    Fernando Leiras

    so poetic

  • order and chaos
    order and chaos

    Doctor rictofen?

  • Javi B
    Javi B

    Lucian was once the only angsty aggro man who was defined entirely by his dead loved one, and he moved on already. Kinda disappointed that Viego is nothing but yet another "WHeRe iS ShE?" trope.

  • Keagan Ruda
    Keagan Ruda

    Why does uncle look so small 😂

  • Isonixo

    0:57 first encounter - karthus *kindred showing up*

  • Mustafa Alshawi
    Mustafa Alshawi

    Isnt that dr.rectofen grom cod zombie 😂💔

  • neonメ

    Fiddlesticks repeating what viego says to him to viego, get it?

  • Panth Bucket
    Panth Bucket

    I like how vlad is his uncle

  • Mitchell Neuhoff
    Mitchell Neuhoff

    So this man is the reason the blessed isles became the shadow Isles

  • Slappy

    Why does he sound spanish

  • Dimitri Kryzkarek
    Dimitri Kryzkarek

    2:04 You are *simp*

  • Renzo Arganda
    Renzo Arganda

    so viego is Noxian?

    • xD


  • 🌊tanukifar

    1:30 this part keeps me thinking. He says the name Isolde so softly, so I'm convinced he DID truly loved her. And every few times whenever Isolde is mentioned he goes "..isolde?" in a calm manner. I NEED ANSWERS RIOT

  • M00N MAN
    M00N MAN

    El doblaje latino de viego es mejor

  • Veer Mudambi
    Veer Mudambi

    The line when he kills Senna “I could not see myself in your eyes” may be a reference to the book, The Last Unicorn. The mad king there says almost exactly the same thing.

  • Keragilter 357
    Keragilter 357

    Wait...Viego's wife is Isolde?

  • I Watch Stuffs
    I Watch Stuffs

    The whole ruined king was similar to the webtoon ive read where her only friend dies and his ghost actually contracted her but slowly his friends soul is weakening so she found a way to preserve his soul in the living world and also she split her soul into multiple pieces to be put on objects

    • I Watch Stuffs
      I Watch Stuffs

      @🌊tanukifar risen fron ashes us the name

    • 🌊tanukifar

      Wait... is this that ghost bf webtoon cus it sounds very familiar

  • Yusei Fudo
    Yusei Fudo

    Um what about mordekaiser?

  • HikariVN21

    People :disappointed that he has no interaction when buy his own blade Me :disappointed because he has nothing to do with mah boi morderkaiser

  • Juby

    why is he calling Senna Isolde?

    • 🌊tanukifar

      And in the cinematic viego took the soul from senna... so she no longer has it

    • 🌊tanukifar

      Bcs senna has a piece if her soul, isolde got stuck with her bcs she tried to protect her from nearing the mist when she was younger. U can read sennas latest story..

  • Sourfragger

    Is it just me or he sounds like Dracula from van helsing

  • Pete Artieda
    Pete Artieda

    He sound Irish? British? Pirate-ish?

    • 🌊tanukifar

      nah, he has a spanish accent

  • Crocy boi
    Crocy boi

    No morde interactions ?

  • Kaogron

    What en edgelord

  • j'ai pas d'idée donc
    j'ai pas d'idée donc

    The ruined simp

  • Tommy Arton
    Tommy Arton

    Viego sounds a lot like Raul Menendez from COD BO2

  • Monke Balls
    Monke Balls

    when mord kills someone in his ult he gets a shadow crown and when also has the crown so where is that interaction

  • Aptal Sandviç
    Aptal Sandviç

    He is so creepy and self obsessed, poor Isolde.

  • Unknown GuyINDO
    Unknown GuyINDO

    Where's Morde?!

  • Hylix

    I love how most of the searches on viego is spelled "virgo"

    • Noah Anders
      Noah Anders

      Damn I thought I was the only one

  • skarlet

    Viego: you will never have your vengeance kalista Kalista who was just doing her job and the right thing: *mike wazowski face*

  • Brummeo

    I'm glad you remembered Yorick Mori

  • cacktuscoffee

    damn why so cringe

  • Logank365

    How is there no Mordekaiser interaction?

  • antikimchi1

    to be honest i'd like a husband that love me that much ._.

  • Mao

    Who is more powerful in the lore mordekaiser or Viego?

  • discord ping
    discord ping

    2:05 you are simp

  • Brave Lil' Toasty 1273
    Brave Lil' Toasty 1273

    I like hiw Lucian got Wifestealed by Thresh but when Senna got back she wifestealed Viego.



  • Lennyn_

    0:54 Yooo the new Karthus skin is looking sick

  • lemon

    3:24 he is right

  • Frank藤原

    Respect for Kalista

  • Gabriel Nedev
    Gabriel Nedev

    First Senna, then Yone, now the Ruined King. I swear, in a year his wife will be implemented as a champion. It's so disappointing, why can't we just have well-written and interesting side characters, why must they always take the spotlight at one point or another. FFS.

    • xD

      @Gabriel Nedev And Ao Shin exists as skin for Aurelion Sol

    • xD

      @Gabriel Nedev 3 upcoming champs are connected with Shadow Isles. Isolde, Sentinel of Light and Yordle.

    • Gabriel Nedev
      Gabriel Nedev

      @xD Let me guess, the two Ionian farmers who took Riven in? Boram Darkwill, the dead ex Noxian ruler? Darius and Draven's childhood friend who died years ago? Garen and Lux's mum? Ao Shin maybe?

    • xD

      Riot said that there will release more champions from lore.

  • A-Troller-On4Chan

    the 1000 year old simp

  • Luna

    viego is yandere confirmed

  • that one guy
    that one guy

    Just to expand your knowledge seraphine who has like a billion voicelines with a lore so crappy and this guy who has one of the best lore in the game while getting like what 30 voicelines

  • NHAsirduck

    I would love a Mordekaiser interaction, maybe something like Viego: "have you seen her... Isolde" idk someone else could figure out something better

  • Kula Diamond
    Kula Diamond

    Poor Isolde