Unique visual! Tornado Cube Bread and Cream Croissant / Bread Factory
👦 A bakery cafe resembling a medieval European castle.
You can see the beautiful hills from the huge windows.
Filmed with cream croissants and tornado bread.

💲 Price
💶 USD-
Tornado Cube Bread: 5.8 USD
Cream Croissant: 4.9 USD

🏠 (Google Maps) goo.gl/maps/GFnHjjXbCxy3QMmu5

  • norlens noel
    norlens noel

    I want that bread!!!! Oh and interesting orange peels in the marmalade.

  • hey hey nowinga
    hey hey nowinga

    what a stupid idea 3 people lame outdated nothing new here faked

  • husk1184

    is that right? those price tags said they are like 50usd?!

  • elvis presley
    elvis presley

    Ufff.....Im hungry!! :-) It looks perfect - unfortunately, we do not have korean bakery here in Prague :-(

  • peace searcher
    peace searcher


  • Bac Fran
    Bac Fran

    Don’t squash them! Oh the humanity!



  • BaroqueBlues

    Those big green heels look like Earth mounds or Pyramids at the beginning & through the windows of the dining hall!

  • panshula gunasekaran
    panshula gunasekaran

    Trash ice?.. o.0

  • Phong Vu
    Phong Vu

    Thank you

  • Sleepy Baby
    Sleepy Baby

    Elle & Vire is a very boring butter to eat, but neutral enough for baking.

  • Sleepy Baby
    Sleepy Baby

    I.. want.

  • julian obiedo
    julian obiedo

    the highest level

  • Bianca T
    Bianca T

    I'm not a fan of seeing them squish the crossiant

  • T S
    T S

    Korea you are my food dream heaven goal! 🥰🤤😍😊🥳

  • SAL 9000
    SAL 9000

    9:22 MY EARS! 😫😖

  • Евгения Лисица
    Евгения Лисица

    Блин, какое залипательное видео. Не смогла оторваться. Умеют японцы все таки завлекать своим Икигайем 😍

  • Madelaine Lee
    Madelaine Lee

    I want to build a house out of tornado bread and then eat my way out of it

  • Tonee Anne
    Tonee Anne

    What's fermented species ?????

  • Nitish Arya
    Nitish Arya

    Very nicely done and a lot of steps in the making process, reducing volumes.

  • Анна д'Арх
    Анна д'Арх

    Сахарный инсульт

  • Ben Peter
    Ben Peter

    I'm french and.. I'm sorry, but these croissants look waaaay too sweet. There's too much stuff in them and on them, I'm getting a belly ache just from looking.

  • toto alhamed
    toto alhamed

    آه 💔💔💔😞

  • MsGlamourcat

    I'm just here thinking "I hope all of those cut-offs from the croissant pastry don't get wasted" !!!

  • arobaselise

    les français regardent cette vidéo le poing serré

  • Arnaud François
    Arnaud François

    ca c'est sur c'est fait par un chef francais ^^

  • NoTeefy

    It really bothers me that they use tons of plastic wrappings in each of those asian cooking / baking videos. Same for the gloves. Get rid of the gloves, wash your hands properly and regularly and train your employees. And for the containment: Just use cloth bags instead of wrapping it with plastic, it even helps keeping its taste.

  • ATotallySaneAndLogicalPerson

    That marmalade looks so good. I hate my citrus allergy 🥲

  • korak Alim03
    korak Alim03

    Mbois rek 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽

  • Flax Machine
    Flax Machine

    I've always known it as peanut butter, but peanut jam is kind of a nice way to say it

  • perlie181

    Des croissants carrés... mais pourquoi on n'y a pas pensé avant ?! mais quelle merveilleuse idée !! :D

  • ŠokantneVesti

    If someone served me this I would suspect they want to assassinate me,so much sugar JEEEZZZ

  • Pier-c Munez
    Pier-c Munez

    the revisite of those croissant almost made me vomit and have a heart attack at the sametime

  • GirlPainting

    Food porn 18+ ^^

  • Kahlan Amnell
    Kahlan Amnell

    Wtf... Croissant form's come from the moon because french people said "Croissant de lune"... Your cubes are not croissant just Cube puff pastry If you want to call it croissant you must do moon form 🌙

  • ninjakittlaser

    4:59 i know its not supposed to be something funny but its so out of the blue that it is

  • --

    Each time they cook a croissant, one of my fellow french compatriot die :'(

  • MrsQueenBiizh__ [TiiNi gamez]
    MrsQueenBiizh__ [TiiNi gamez]

    What happens with all the leftovers and how toxic is all that plastic that's been wrapped around the dough etc? 😕


    Ok p

  • Edd VCR
    Edd VCR

    Beautiful breads! Now I’m hungry

  • Vanpiras

    j'ai mal

  • Courtney Smith
    Courtney Smith

    Ngl. The way the bread was torn apart hurt my feelings.


    french poeple be like : :'0

  • Serenity

    I like how the butter is french too

  • Peter Vladyevich
    Peter Vladyevich

    Great! I subscribe.

  • YaFaJin

    frotter les oranges n'enlève pas les insecticide mosanto ...

  • Maria JukeJax
    Maria JukeJax

    Those gastronomic wonders are true works of art.

  • 行雲

    12:05 👎

  • Ralph H
    Ralph H

    Those poor croissants at the beginning, whatever did they do to deserve such abuse?

  • Maxyalle

    For anyone whose mouths are watering at the cubes. It tastes exactly like croissant. So pick one up from the baker and use your imagination ;)

  • Novageda

    Des français par ici? Où est l'armée des croissants ?

  • GenesisBlock

    If you did this to a croissant in Paris they would bring back the guillotine.

  • galgulator

    So much fat and sugar! Who needs so many calories per serve? A coal miner from XIX century? 1/4 of the portion would be plenty for an everage person.

  • Joe Baller
    Joe Baller

    I have gained 5 kgs. just watching this

  • Funny Videos - Funny Out Loud
    Funny Videos - Funny Out Loud

    Damascus dough

  • aProphetofRNG

    1. Most of those croissants looked pretty gross when they were finished imo. Too much cocoa powder on the one. They squished the hell out of the one with cream and almonds and powdered sugar on top. The best part about croissants is they're super crispy crunchy on the outside with all the layers and the super buttery soft inside, which they also squished up and doused with some liquid, or piped in a ridiculous amount of cream. 2. Terrible way to wash those tangerines (or whatever they were), how do you know which ones you washed? They're all floating around and bumping into each other, no way you can wash each one that way. 3. Sharpen your knives! Jeez, that thing was super dull. Dull knives lead to cut fingers.

    • CatsAndPokemon

      nothing but negatives ugh

  • Rice Fields
    Rice Fields


  • Popcorn Master
    Popcorn Master

    Peanut jam What

  • reanaa

    This video is pure food porn. I'm drooling and and in desperate and dire need of a good croissant. My only complaint...a good croissant is a work of art and should be enjoyed not lost in a truck load of toppings and fillings. A little is fine but they use so much you can't even see the croissant anymore. But that's just me.

  • Nicolas Stanko
    Nicolas Stanko

    Omg ...you should not add so much sugar in a croissant..best croissant in the world are croissant au beurre....and that 's it :) un français !

  • Yannis Quero
    Yannis Quero

    French ppl : STOP IT YOU MADMAN

  • Michael Trudgen Official - BigMTmusic
    Michael Trudgen Official - BigMTmusic

    LMAO! "Trash Ice?" wha??

  • Straynger

    Wth is fermented species?

  • C S
    C S

    the amount of plastic used in this process is embarrassing

  • Xananymau55

    I thought its a block of wood.

  • Cameron Kruger
    Cameron Kruger

    Meanwhile in the U.S. we are still trying sell fancy bread as having assorted seeds on them....

  • Wesley Elliott
    Wesley Elliott

    5:02 receiving a text is a very important part of making the bread

  • Hikaru Katayamma
    Hikaru Katayamma

    You’ve got a peanut allergy? Have I got some croissants for you! 😈 That tornado bread had me drooling at the end…. If only there was a place in the US that made it. Then again, if they did make it here, it would probably be Amerikanized and wouldn’t taste as good.

  • DeludoSui

    Oh hey that looks neat lets zoom past the neat thing so people cant see it.



  • AS Doctor
    AS Doctor

    So they really dont peel the lemon ….. i feel uncomfortable


    My cholesterol has gone up.

  • Bauce

    Trash ice?

  • Paivi Project
    Paivi Project

    Wow 👍👍

  • Samuel Deshaies
    Samuel Deshaies


  • Ramzi Aaron
    Ramzi Aaron

    I need all of that!

  • Dangmaar

    the end is the mot awesome ASMR video :D Good job, good video.. love to eat some of them :)

  • Funnykid33

    "trash Ice" in the subs... Should I be concerned?

  • Kayak

    pourquoi ne pas tout simplement manger un croissant simplement?

  • Cristian Albornoz
    Cristian Albornoz

    i got diabetes 2 from the first 2 minutes of video....

  • منوعات جميلة Gamila
    منوعات جميلة Gamila


  • Mewt

    Cube of wood bread

  • Alek V.
    Alek V.

    Food looked good, though I had subtitles on by accident and they called peanut butter peanut jam... Definitely a new one for the books..

  • Muhammad Satryo Pamungkas Bimasakti
    Muhammad Satryo Pamungkas Bimasakti

    Dont give me spoiler of the result

  • Troy E.
    Troy E.

    Love the sound of metal scraping metal...just not in my food🤢

  • William Redford
    William Redford

    Look shity really no layers 😕

  • La Femme Futile
    La Femme Futile

    Too much plastic involved. I don’t think the French used that much to make croissant.

  • Charles The Handsome And Brave
    Charles The Handsome And Brave

    junji ito is having an epiphany seeing those breads.

  • Tiddysucker 02
    Tiddysucker 02

    the samsung notif at 5:02 😂

  • Damian Olbromski
    Damian Olbromski

    Where i can buy baking mold like that? 10:24

  • DeMon Spencer
    DeMon Spencer

    Is all the folding then flattening it then folding it again really necessary? I'm not a baker so that's probably a dumb question.

  • Angel Lavisores
    Angel Lavisores

    Il love it hope so there in the philippine also....😊😊😊😊😊

  • Quackks00

    First clips of the Croissants all I wanted was to see the crumb and you kept cutting away....then i finally saw the crumb. They look amazing.

  • ItIsIndeedBambi

    Croissant hypostatis

  • dris

    too mush cream inside croissants? where is normal croissants? lol look like good quality products

  • David Rojas
    David Rojas

    a fresh coat of white paint on the outside would make that building pop and look even more amazing.

  • Aaron Zinman
    Aaron Zinman

    This all looks so beautiful. However, all the single use plastic makes me so sad for the world.

  • Ruby Rodriguez
    Ruby Rodriguez


  • jana

    oh to be peanut B

  • Barnabo Barnaby
    Barnabo Barnaby

    This is not Pain Tornado but Brioche Feuilleté. It's good work anyway, better than in many french bakeries.