Titans Season 3 | Official Teaser | HBO Max
Have no fear, the Season 3 teaser is here.

Stream Season 3 of Titans on August 12, only on HBO Max: itsh.bo/hbo-max

This gritty take on the Teen Titans franchise follows young heroes from across the DC Universe as they come of age and find where they belong.

In season three, circumstances draw our heroes to Gotham City, where they will reunite with old friends and face new threats. The first three episodes of season three will premiere on Thursday, August 12 with subsequent episodes launching weekly every Thursday through October 21.

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Titans Season 3 | Official Teaser | HBO Max

  • Adheen Pk
    Adheen Pk


  • M. A.
    M. A.

    This trailer basically proves Titans isn't a Teen Titans show. It's a barely cohesive Batfamily show with random characters thrown in for flavor.

  • ravens purple beats
    ravens purple beats

    so we get to see more of deathstroke and hopefully this time doesnt hold back as much! also sounds like we get new story of joker and redhood maybe which be nice

  • ravi raj
    ravi raj

    it will be definitely Unbelievable season 👍

  • Mirr Mikka
    Mirr Mikka

    This little guy, new Robin? Could easily be removed from the show and no one would notice. Such an annoying little fella.

  • Wheelchair manga nerd.
    Wheelchair manga nerd.

    Please tell me this will be joker. AND YES PLEASE TELL ME IT'S CAMERON MOANHAN FROM GOTHAM!

  • Johnnys Body Bag
    Johnnys Body Bag

    Holy shit! Who could the red hood be?🥴

  • Karabo Moabelo
    Karabo Moabelo

    Poeple die here poeple like us

  • Lyan’s Backup
    Lyan’s Backup

    i wanna know whats rachels aka ravens role we barely see anything from her in these trailers

  • Off The Cut Reviews
    Off The Cut Reviews

    Looks really cool, but I feel like this show lacks a larger story. It feels fragmented and directionless too often, which is a real waste because most of the characters (other than Starfire) are really well written and largely comic accurate. I’m definitely planning to keep watching, I just hope they can get it together and make some adjustments! Oh, also, #RestoreTheSnyderVerse and #ReleaseTheAyerCut

  • andrew carson
    andrew carson


  • Spiritual Creature
    Spiritual Creature

    Other than Netflix where can I watch titans?


    Not a fan of the helmet.... so many other (better) options they could've gone with.


    A ver no esta mal pero he visto Coldplays de redhood mucho mejores

  • Angle Algrot
    Angle Algrot

    I’m still sad about that nigga Starfire

  • G flazo
    G flazo

    yes yes yes yes DC

  • Jemuel Echague
    Jemuel Echague

    Will this be on Netflix?

  • Instantly Broken
    Instantly Broken

    I must have missed it when is it coming out?

  • zzzerefu

    Aw man, I wonder who this red masked crusader is...........

  • Tritão P.H.
    Tritão P.H.

    Honestly Starfire is the only reason i still watch this...

  • Zimraan Ahmad
    Zimraan Ahmad

    Only problem is Batman when Jason died was like early to mid 30s not old with a cane

  • Sovus

    i like where this is going but if it wasnt so dang dark it would be 10000 times better

  • Megatron

    What happened to the DC streaming service?

  • lolo lo
    lolo lo

    Hopefully beastboy doesnt just turn into a tiger all season but excited for redhood

  • Talha Malik
    Talha Malik

    Hit series? wait when was it hit?

  • Fatjuicy Bussy
    Fatjuicy Bussy

    I’m literally waiting for the official trailer to drop😭😭😭😭 it’s taking too long and it’s currently 2:15pm Edit: the trailer came out hours ago and I’m excited for titans. I don’t care what anyone says, it’s a really good show

  • Wilquer Bea Matos
    Wilquer Bea Matos

    no vi a Raven, por qué????

  • Stan Man
    Stan Man

    Trailer coming today 😍😍😍😍

    • Dylan cooltoddler
      Dylan cooltoddler

      @Stan Man seriously? YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS

    • Stan Man
      Stan Man

      @Dylan cooltoddler it is. Go on their Instagram story

    • Dylan cooltoddler
      Dylan cooltoddler

      No it's not

  • 조ᄒᄂ

    looks sick and epic

  • Avery Williams
    Avery Williams

    uhhh mr. J? is that you?

  • AVATAR 888
    AVATAR 888

    Ok lemme get this straight, if damian wayne does appear at all in this series then wouldn't he be like...20s and even possibly close to 30 yrs old??? Bruce is pretty old so!!!??!!??🤷🤔

  • CABLE 715
    CABLE 715

    Season 1 = pretty good Season 2 = frustrating Season 3 = I'm hopeful

  • j

    That crowbar shot gave me chills. I'm starting to think Jason's not going to fully die and go to the Lazarus Pit. Instead I think he's just gonna be horribly disfigured and have to wear the mask to cover it, Deadpool style.

  • Fresh Sodaa
    Fresh Sodaa

    I hated the both seasons so much, honestly the worst series ever. But now that hbo is picking it up, i feel the need to give it another try

  • Vipster

    So fucking corny lol smh

  • Abdulrahman Shafi
    Abdulrahman Shafi

    Damn the views on this teaser

  • Shin

    "what bothers you more...that your greatest failure has returned or i became a better batman than you!"

  • Bobson Dugnutt
    Bobson Dugnutt

    I really want to like this show so fucking badly!

  • the adventures of kfankle
    the adventures of kfankle

    Hope they do Jason good he was great as Robin

  • KllTE

    tremenda cabeza que tiene el jason

  • Jett Dunford
    Jett Dunford


  • Miguel Gonzalez
    Miguel Gonzalez

    12M views and 1 month away for S3, Can't Wait!!!!🔥💥🤩

  • tyler mundy
    tyler mundy

    Here comes Red Hood

  • vig vas
    vig vas

    Wait titans joined arrowverse right? Will it then get a crossover with flash, superman and lois or legends of tomorrow? Becuase i hope it will 🤞🤞

    • vig vas
      vig vas

      @uncanny dcmarvelous ik

    • uncanny dcmarvelous
      uncanny dcmarvelous

      @vig vas And after Crisis, Earth-9 is still existing on the New Multiverse.

    • vig vas
      vig vas

      @Kal X’Hal They said it was on earth 9 in crisis....

    • Kal X’Hal
      Kal X’Hal

      @vig vas titans is a different universe, it’s not related to the arrowverse. And since you’re mentioning crisis, the DCEU even made a cameo that doesn’t mean the DCEU is part of the arrowverse. So no titans won’t crossover with the cw shows

    • Dylan cooltoddler
      Dylan cooltoddler

      @vig vas I'M LAUGHING SO HARD 🤣 you are so dumb, you just confirmed you have never watched titans, also you would know in crisis it was showing different universes, confirming titans is not in the arrowverse, besides it's obvious since titans deathstroke and arrow deathstroke are two different people 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Barbara Herrera Sifuentes
    Barbara Herrera Sifuentes

    I can't believe it, I've been waiting for season 3 for so long and finally 🥺

  • Hasan Kiraz
    Hasan Kiraz


  • all hallows
    all hallows

    finally something that is going to end go

  • Jada Stokes
    Jada Stokes

    This going to be a amazing season

  • Sergio X
    Sergio X

    All I want is Wonder Girl back! #Lazarus

  • Timroy1worlboss

    This is about the 100 time I'm watching this video😂😂 I really like this teaser trailer so much till I can't wait for an extended trailer

  • Gexxyfez

    I’m gonna be disappointed if I don’t see a crowbar

  • rudimusawesomusmaximus

    I was hoping they recanted Brice Wayne. Jorah was a terrible choice.

  • Juan Mendez-Pena
    Juan Mendez-Pena

    will jason todd get torture

  • Agam Abraham
    Agam Abraham

    The only reason i'm still watching is bbrae


    Se me cayó una lágrima

  • Mery Malfoy
    Mery Malfoy


  • Munna GirPade
    Munna GirPade

    Batman 🤟

  • Shubh Saxena
    Shubh Saxena

    One of the most underrated shows ever. Really good. They ended season 2 badly though

    • Fresh Sodaa
      Fresh Sodaa

      @Shubh Saxena its not on a video of a show i dont like. Its on a video of a brand new season. Like i said you mong i hated the first 2 seasons, but i woukd like to give this season another try since its getting picked up by hbo. Now stop being so damn salty about an "opinion" lmao

    • Fresh Sodaa
      Fresh Sodaa

      @Mindy Vang thats exactly what im doing. I literally said that

    • Mindy Vang
      Mindy Vang

      @Fresh Sodaa seems like ur giving this show another chance then if ur on the teaser video

    • Shubh Saxena
      Shubh Saxena

      @Fresh Sodaa what are you doing in the youtube comment section of a TV show you don't like at all then? Get a life bro , find work.

    • Fresh Sodaa
      Fresh Sodaa

      @OMEGAcrow3 No, im pretty sure youre the one with no taste lmao

  • Angel Gallegos
    Angel Gallegos


  • Niko


  • Detritus

    WHERE IS RACHEL ROTH :( !!!!!!!!!

  • Devon S
    Devon S

    Finally been waiting ahh can't wait yo thanks for the trailer lol

  • Elizer Moore
    Elizer Moore

    ok i like this

  • MREric083

    I love the teen titans and yeah after season 1 dropped I had my doubts while still loving it. But man does this show get better with each new season added. Can't wait.

  • SeriousnessTV

    0:30 Arther Fleck Joker??!?!!

    • Zandrix

      thats scarecrow, Vincent Kartheiser Was Cast to play scarecrow/ jonathan crane. His set photos include him inside a truck with a inmate shirt and long hair.

  • Lobster Minion
    Lobster Minion

    0:16 "Fill your cravings at the Circus of Values!"

  • Malakai Jones
    Malakai Jones

    0:38 “those are the heads of all your lieutenants that took me two hours you want to see what I can get done in a whole evening?”

  • Brandon Norris
    Brandon Norris

    it starts on my birthday

  • certifiedtomatohater


  • szymufinek 5
    szymufinek 5

    I am waiting so long that i forgot every thing about the show

  • 起曾

    poor jason he didn't escape from joker's crowbar

  • dron_ dragneel
    dron_ dragneel

    wtf is wrong with red hoods mask can you pls fix that it looks so weird other than that the teaser looks good

  • major gibby
    major gibby

    It shame I can not choose my plan due fact I live in uk

  • qaskew24

    Are they going to take the fur coat off Starfire and give her the language that everybody love and also give Raven her black rob.

  • SUBRATA KUMAR RAY Shashwata Ray SR444
    SUBRATA KUMAR RAY Shashwata Ray SR444

    Respected Warner Bros and DC , kindly offer us a brief attention that we are demanding for original TEEN TITANS animation seasons 6,7,8 .. We are continuously demanding for TEEN TITANS animation with our favourite beast boy raven cyborg starfire robin . Please be concerned to make new Seasons on original teen titans that was shown on 2003-2006 . TEEN TITANS is your great achievement and our kind animation seasons. #demandingOriginalTEENTITANS

  • Sean Lauer
    Sean Lauer


    • Sean Lauer
      Sean Lauer

      @User Addasi and so does your grandmother

    • Kaiden Jefferson
      Kaiden Jefferson

      @User Addasi w

    • User Addasi
      User Addasi

      And so does your mom

  • CassanovaX

    I really like that piano part at the end

  • CHACHOx22

    This trailer managed to do something the trailers for the first two season didn't do.. Make me interested in the show. Might have to repick the show up after this

    • Kaiden Jefferson
      Kaiden Jefferson

      The show has a bigger budget and the people at HBO MAX are making the show so it’s going to be different.

  • ZukDroid Games
    ZukDroid Games

    Whats???? Netflix Original

  • Devin Santiago
    Devin Santiago

    is joker coming

  • The Dork Knight
    The Dork Knight

    DAMN. I heard the rumors, but i didn't think it was actually gonna happen. Yet, HERE WE ARE. RED HOOD BABY!!

  • micphi12

    Man yall better not cancel this show after 3 seasons

    • Fresh Sodaa
      Fresh Sodaa

      They should of canceled it aftrr the the 1st season

  • Musical Sayantani
    Musical Sayantani

    Superrrrrrr se bhi uperrrrrrrrr👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥beyond comments❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ #MusicalSayantani

  • KingXX2

    This ate! Can't wait for the trailer

  • Fabian Jean louis
    Fabian Jean louis

    so we just going to ignore that joker laugh?

  • Enderdude 137
    Enderdude 137

    Please tell me we can see jokers face

    • Enderdude 137
      Enderdude 137

      @Sadik Khan aaaw

    • Sadik Khan
      Sadik Khan

      I don't think so

  • Demetrius Clancy
    Demetrius Clancy

    The Joker Is Back

  • Demetrius Clancy
    Demetrius Clancy

    Okay There’s Bat Signal. Where’s BatMan

  • Zandrix

    how tf is this trailer getting 1 million views everyday, and 2 weeks ago. the average number it would go up to, would be like 30,000 views a day. now its like 1.5 mil a day????! WTH

    • Kal X’Hal
      Kal X’Hal

      It’s probably because this is showing up as an ad to people. I still haven’t received a titans ad, but my friends said they got this as an ad that’s probably why

    • Dylan cooltoddler
      Dylan cooltoddler

      @User Addasi like who

    • Aight Bro
      Aight Bro

      @Dylan cooltoddler they might have saw red hood and clicked right away. Because that’s why I clicked and now I’m staying to watch season 3 so idk🤷‍♂️

    • User Addasi
      User Addasi

      A lot of famous BR-itrs are doing commentary videos on this maybe that's why

    • Dylan cooltoddler
      Dylan cooltoddler

      @Aight Bro SAME! they either buying views or got a hell of a shoutout

  • Axel Films
    Axel Films


  • ParrotGaming21 Wat
    ParrotGaming21 Wat

    0:31 is that deathstroke or the red hood? If the later they should call him the orange hood

  • Justin

    Red hood 😍🔥

  • Jade •
    Jade •

    I didn’t get that 9.99 choice. I’m paying the 14.99 + tax. 😤😡

  • Joe Rivers
    Joe Rivers

    They better not screw up red hood or imma be really upset 😡

  • The Phoenix
    The Phoenix

    technically this one is on jason

  • Leandro sep
    Leandro sep

    Want Donna Troy to be awesome and redeemed this season.

  • Pouncedd

    From thumbnail I thought that's deadpool lol

  • cloud 0 i guess?
    cloud 0 i guess?

    Joker is gonna be a rip off again

  • MFLeon27

    I feared this day would come. Life action Red hood storyline. Please don't mess this up.

  • Loca Tion
    Loca Tion

    Thank you for all the love your giving to DC shout out to HBO

    • Aight Bro
      Aight Bro

      They got the money to show dc tv shows some love 🔥