Quicksilver Saves Everyone - Sweet Dreams - X-Men: Apocalypse (2016) Movie Clip HD

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  • Anakin Skywalker
    Anakin Skywalker

    I saved them. I saved them all. They're alive, every single one of them. And not just the men, but the women and the children, too. They're like animals, and I saved them like animals.

  • D marinho
    D marinho

    O mercúrio foi fod4

  • James Humbert
    James Humbert

    This is faster than flash

  • Levi Elric
    Levi Elric

    Imagine going to bed one day, then dreaming you shot through the city with hyperspeed. Then you realize you are lying on your parent's couch with Qsilver greeting you eating breakfast

  • Carlos Manuel Condori Roca
    Carlos Manuel Condori Roca



    Agora eu seu da veio maxim do ff

  • Comida y Dulces
    Comida y Dulces

    Jajaja que rapido velocista xd

  • Ein Junge
    Ein Junge

    this is what a nexus event look like. he branched the timeline, probably ends up in TVA 😂

  • Ron Jasper
    Ron Jasper

    The quick silver is the strongest than flash

  • Polyrhythm Nix
    Polyrhythm Nix

    Ok, but how many people did he miss?

    • Gus Hollington
      Gus Hollington


  • Make Money Online
    Make Money Online

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  • Temur Maksudov
    Temur Maksudov

    Meanwhile the other Quicksilver...

  • Cameron Rose
    Cameron Rose

    I love how casual he is while saving people


    And they say flash is faster 😂 lol

  • Abraham Alvarez
    Abraham Alvarez

    How fast I be moving when my mom tells me to clean and she's pulling into the driveway

  • BushySnowtail

    knowing teh laws of physics especially around 'speedsters' things like liquids outside their body, i.e drinking in speed mode use to be shown as impossible to do :/ as it would still move far to slow in its own time frame.. still love quicksilver and many of teh other speedsters

    • BushySnowtail

      @Akash Krishnan do you even watch or read outside of the dc/marvel universe champ? -shows not in our current knowlage in real world science. name a few base shows - Heros, clearly the Flash, his dad, his son same universe champ, then you have all teh shows over decades since Stan Lee started his comics for entertaining his fellow soldiers and country men. referance if you will its not hard to google a thing now - en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Speedster_(fiction)

    • Akash Krishnan
      Akash Krishnan

      And if you say that it is mutation,please tell me another being who has mutated with a power to run fast like this or have any other superpowers like the other Xmen ,Beast, raven ,Logan etc

    • Akash Krishnan
      Akash Krishnan

      Its a fictional movie with fictional characters How can a man move run so fast ,he is also a human ,answer me Simple ,you cant answer the question

  • Elemeno

    is it speed or does he slow time?

  • Dichang Feng
    Dichang Feng

    QuickSilver in Avenger 2 Age of Ultron: You didn't see that coming QuickSilver in X-men Apocalypse: hold my bread(walk in with BGM Sweet Dreams)

  • Kunal Baidya
    Kunal Baidya

    We needed this QUICKSILVER scene Avengers Age of Ultron

  • Kelvin Chand
    Kelvin Chand

    Dang, really wish we got something like this in the WandaVision final

  • Chavi Lavi
    Chavi Lavi

    Quicksilver forever

  • Rodri Paz
    Rodri Paz

    Quicksilver podemos decir que es imparable.

  • Aeinns__

    bro saved the whole movie

  • WaterLegacyG

    That man singlehandedly made that hairstyle popular

  • Irene In The Wonderland
    Irene In The Wonderland

    Best Quicksilver everr ✨❤️

  • RN4 Ayush Das
    RN4 Ayush Das

    Maxim freefire

  • Semi Perfect Cell
    Semi Perfect Cell

    That he took the time to save the goldfish

  • Bryan Ecker
    Bryan Ecker

    Ralph Bohner

  • くろみつ


  • kim kimondo
    kim kimondo

    In one scene, he did more for the mutants brotherhood than Magneto ever did in seven movies lol

  • Simpson Andrew
    Simpson Andrew

    Nobody ever thanks Quicksilver for his work?

  • 93nGU1n

    I wonder if the bulldog is supposed to represent Lockjaw? He was married to an Inhuman for a while.

  • MeikVFischer

    My absolute favorite part of the movie.

    • MeikVFischer

      @samuel cook Damn.😳

    • samuel cook
      samuel cook

      Did you know it took 7 months to film XD

  • nic0llasz 13
    nic0llasz 13

    o mercurio fez isso em 7 segundos tlgd

  • Sarvagya Gupta
    Sarvagya Gupta

    Even black widow got herself a movie, when is this guy getting his

    • Sasir

      he ded

  • tomcrouli aczino
    tomcrouli aczino

    sos un grande flash


    Maxim character in free fire

  • Ian Bailey
    Ian Bailey

    why is she singing "hold your head"? ----whiiiplasssh

  • Lucifer


  • kitakou012210

    it's everyone back in the day your mom was just about to get home.

  • Nick Perro
    Nick Perro

    Now me, an MCU fan, know what I was missing. What was even the point of having Quicksilver in Avengers 2 if they were going to kill him by the end of the film? I know, him and Wanda are siblings in the comics, but why not wait until WandaVision to bring him in so that they can have him properly?

    • Dichang Feng
      Dichang Feng

      QuickSilver in Avenger 2 Age of Ultron: You didn't see that coming QuickSilver in X-men Apocalypse: Hold my bread, I‘ll be right back(walk in with BGM Sweet Dreams)

    • Sasir

      because he's OP

  • Luna LR
    Luna LR

    Necesito una película solo de QuickSilver :’v

  • GuiX Highlights
    GuiX Highlights

    I never get tired of seeing this scene

  • Kratos

    Flash needs the speed force and quicksilver is the speed

  • Frances Mckeever
    Frances Mckeever

    Shayne love the xman

  • Yih Tat Tan
    Yih Tat Tan

    Previous movie, holds Magneto spine to prevent whiplash This movie, deletes logic from previous movie, proceeds to drag and throw everyone outside

  • Edy Santiago Lopez
    Edy Santiago Lopez

    Hdlehso de Edy Benavides de lista a la embarazada 😃 yo ydhytifigidiar de lista de lista 14 surf en tu en c no zfjs

  • CrispyMarv

    This Quicksilver could have stopped every bullet that killed the MCU Version, play 12 Rounds of Pacman after it, eat some pizzas and could still save everyone in the school

    • Dichang Feng
      Dichang Feng

      Everyone Love Evan Peters, nobody prefer Taylor Johnson

  • KVL Gamer
    KVL Gamer

    Imagine hearing this soundtrack in endgame after hulk's snap

  • Joshua Conlan
    Joshua Conlan

    Cobra Kai dude was the guy with his tonnage out

  • Zeph_YT

    He did not save everyone what I mean is he missed someone.. (The guys brother)

  • Movies Cart
    Movies Cart

    Did anyone noticed first he ate 3 pizza slices and remaining left to dog 😂😂😂😂

  • Icarus_

    This guy is sick, he must be a major character in the MCU, amirite? No? Huh

  • Kainbel does stuff
    Kainbel does stuff

    Not gonna lie, quicksilver is the main reason I don’t hate this movie, same with dark pheonix

    • xR_Cz

      sadly he was sidelined in dark Phoenix

  • Мак Лауд
    Мак Лауд

    one of the best super

  • Temurbek Rajabov
    Temurbek Rajabov

    This is me when I late to school

  • Мартин Стоименов
    Мартин Стоименов

    hes moving very fast while hes moving very fast

  • Tittawan Preprem
    Tittawan Preprem

    It hits different when you play in 2x

  • Pablo

    Ralph Bohner

  • OG Troll Troll
    OG Troll Troll

    This guy I want to see more of

  • Dory Ricks
    Dory Ricks

    Wow even in slo mo he’s fast

  • Kama Oyami
    Kama Oyami


  • gamer 1.1
    gamer 1.1

    Who else is here after Ralph Bonner 😔👊🏻

  • FUCK the New World Order
    FUCK the New World Order

    Hey Wetter Frosch Pass mal auf !sooo beschütze ich die Wetterlage in Bayern Germany.hoast mi du zypfelklatscher.😉

  • Cinthia Antezana de Castro
    Cinthia Antezana de Castro

    Los del auto:🥳🥳🥳🥳 Quiksilver:ahhhhhhhh🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵 Ayuda!!!!!!

  • hiro

    this man radiates black air force energy

  • Dohyden2

    He didn't save everyone o.o

  • Jesusant

    r34 artists when a new female character is shown

  • Angelica Martins
    Angelica Martins

    ooooo sosseguei muito da hora conhece esse filme quer dizer todo mundo conhece esse filme Nossa ciúmes Nossa é muito legal mas eu ainda não assisti mas eu adorei esse filme legal queria assistir onde eu vou assistir

  • Angelica Martins
    Angelica Martins


  • Nishant singh
    Nishant singh

    who knew max will be doing this after arranging beatdown

  • Kinza khan Ansari
    Kinza khan Ansari


    • Manuel Gonzalez
      Manuel Gonzalez


  • W.B-Star Belaidi
    W.B-Star Belaidi

    If having such power is curse... count me in!

  • Carlo Emiliano Pichardo Trejo
    Carlo Emiliano Pichardo Trejo

    Mi escena favorita, está súper cool

  • cchevy 00
    cchevy 00

    Надо обязательно повторить эту сцену с музыкой в КВМ

  • bayan aşkın'ın shitpost diyarı
    bayan aşkın'ın shitpost diyarı

    Ulan ne zaman X-Men Sinematik Evreni'nin Logan'dan sonraki en müthiş karakterini MCU'da Bohner espirisi için harcadıklarını hatırlasam kafamı duvarlara vurasım geliyor.

  • Maliha's world
    Maliha's world


  • Dimarkpremiun Yt
    Dimarkpremiun Yt

    Va con lag 😎

  • Alex Reyes
    Alex Reyes

    I wish he had his own movie!

  • Mr.LaughVine

    Marvel created a new video for this song by making a whole making

  • Emiliano Mods TTT
    Emiliano Mods TTT


  • muhd fazil
    muhd fazil

    The cameraman is the fastest man in tgis movie not quicksilver. See how fast he seeing quicksilver running.

  • 75felipem

    Best scene of the movie

  • Shri Nocri
    Shri Nocri

    when you're having an intercourse and try to do something the moment you've put it

  • Prashanth Poojary
    Prashanth Poojary

    Maxim carector is here🤣😂

  • Vishnu

    If he had shown up one minute earlier

    • Captain Sus
      Captain Sus

      How about later

  • Алексей Устименко
    Алексей Устименко

    Афегено круто

  • Ilyas Zinatullin
    Ilyas Zinatullin

    Момент достоин оскара!!!!!

  • am zubaer
    am zubaer

    faster than flash

  • regan abao
    regan abao

    Ayyy laabbb kweekkk selllbbiirrr bikos she es bery past ranning at the seem time she makes bery bery kyot

  • O C E A N M A N
    O C E A N M A N

    The whole school: *explodes* Quicksilver: *casually moonwalks in*

    • ElayKitsu

      @Evolutional Blades well true but that’s in the show Barry Allen in the comics died young to save the earth only to be revived in the reboot

    • Evolutional Blades
      Evolutional Blades

      @ElayKitsu One of the biggest problems with Barry Allen is that he makes extremely poor use of his super speed. He could stop all crime across the globe and solve all problems across the globe instantly. He could use his power of speed to speedster-pace and have an effectively infinite time to strategize and plan his actions and those are just things he could do if he was willing to apply effort to his powers. If he used his speed creatively there is no reason that he couldn't: Fly, fire airbursts at his enemies, throw javelins his opponents would be incapable of reacting to let alone stopping, accelerate his enemies to near-lightspeed and allow friction to obliterate them or simply tackle everyone he fights at full speed as his first attack. Barry Allen doesn't use his speed optimally, so no matter how fast he may be, he could very easily lose a fight to a much slower, yet more competent, speedster such as Quicksilver.

    • ElayKitsu

      While you both are telling the truth you gotta look at a lot of things as well there are multiple flash not just one and the power is not always the same quicksilver is stronger then some flashes depending are what you calculate

    • Eststst Asasas
      Eststst Asasas

      @Joseph Joestar Yo ı know Flash is stronger than Peter but Quicksilver have A great sense of humor

    • Dichang Feng
      Dichang Feng

      @Joseph Joestar Yeap Clearly Flash outrun QuickSilver, and thus Flash can even outrun Silver Surfer. BUT, 20th FOX are certainly knows what they were doing, so for any other people that don't know about the exact speed QuickSilver can reach, the cinematic performance of QuickSilver outbeat anyone who was doing Speedrunners.

  • Wolvandhiek

    Mirip Atta Halilintar

  • Think PIONEERing
    Think PIONEERing

    IN THIS MOVIE: ........Yaaaay everyone's safe In real life: .......Damn that's a lotta dead kids.... ME IF I WAS IN THIS MOVIE: ...... YAAAAAAAYYYYY!!!! I WANNA GO AGAIN!!!!

  • Юрий Казаков
    Юрий Казаков


  • Rockson N
    Rockson N

    I wouldn’t trust him around my girlfriend

  • North

    this is why he's my favourite superhero.

  • Ari

    So when QS is walking slowly the time around him reduce everytime he stop. When he start running the Time around him Increased by little


    Nome do filme?