Italian double cheese pizza - korean street food

  • As Fast As Possible
    As Fast As Possible

    that is high calories food

  • Anubhav Solankey
    Anubhav Solankey

    Death by pizza

  • Cheesy Martabak
    Cheesy Martabak

    That one slice with extra cheese again.....oh lord forgive me 🤣🤣


    As a Italian this is not Italian

  • First Name Last Name
    First Name Last Name

    7.3 everyone knows it looks kinda doughy

  • PurpleNan

    Simplemente es espectacular, ES PEC TA CU LAR 💕

  • Gis Báptŷs
    Gis Báptŷs

    Cadê as Pizzarias de São Paulo?Pra ver essa linda e gigantesca pizza🍕😋

  • Momo - Chan ツ
    Momo - Chan ツ

    Pena que eu moro no Brasil! 😭

  • Gamer Zone
    Gamer Zone

    I know who ever will eat this unhealthy thing after eating he will gain 10kg more 😂

  • Thomas Wright
    Thomas Wright

    Its just odd. It's sort of like pizza?

  • Moon Dog
    Moon Dog

    Is it street food if it's not made in the street?

  • The life Yy
    The life Yy

    10:17 خفت لما شفته 😶

  • RJ Weissenborn
    RJ Weissenborn

    It’s either these videos or the 2 dudes building pools. Awesome content and no talking

  • Alessio Pappalardo
    Alessio Pappalardo

    I'm a Italian guy and this video offend the Italian pizza, next time i'll cook Kimchi frying all the ingredients it was the same thing 😎

  • Swati Singh
    Swati Singh


  • Agus Channel
    Agus Channel


  • عبسية وذ لوڤ مخرمزة تخرمز خطير
    عبسية وذ لوڤ مخرمزة تخرمز خطير

    بيتزا احلامي😭😭



  • carero22

    The last piece; cheese on cheese on cheese lol

  • Ilshat Daishev
    Ilshat Daishev

    Это убожество. Тонна теста, почему моцареллу не натирают? Почему такая медленная работа на слайсере? Почему повар использует весы, а не может определить вес рукой? Да даже вынимание теста из тестомеса просто лоховское. Уж молчу о том, что соус томатный нужно варить с травами, а не сыпать на сырой соус эти травы. Так вам орегано вкуса не даст. Показуха

  • Rayno 786
    Rayno 786

    İt s name Italian piza that meens italian

  • Keelly Menezes
    Keelly Menezes

    Parece delicioso, esse vídeo é super relaxante.

  • hamza nawaz
    hamza nawaz

    i am not sure if the dought is over thicc or not

  • Iris

    A dónde venden ése aparato para los ajos ?🤠

  • Christophe Palomo
    Christophe Palomo

    Aie aie ,fromage industriel à base végétal , salami pareil industriel enfin bref du food dans sa plus simple expression

  • Gesu Mattonata
    Gesu Mattonata

    This is not an Italian pizza trust me

  • gene simmons
    gene simmons

    be hungry and watch these videos 10/10 😙✌🏾

  • Nitin Shinde
    Nitin Shinde


  • moi Micky
    moi Micky

    I never saw a Pizza italienne which wasn't italienne.

  • Samuel Caihuara
    Samuel Caihuara

    Q rico y que buena higene

  • jelly bean
    jelly bean

    Sometimes you feel blessed. Like I know while watching this that I got a double cheese sausage pizza at home.

  • Francisco Khramov
    Francisco Khramov

    This is not Italian, this is bread with cheese

  • Иван

    сволочи... я такое не попробую никогда))))

  • Federico Martinetti
    Federico Martinetti

    From Italy: if someone is selling this as "Italian Pizza", they're scamming you. It could be good to eat, but it has absolutely nothing to do with italian pizza, just similar ingrediants.

    • Waerx

      I ate once italian pizza, Id rather call them paper with some tomato sauce and very few topping. Its so lame I need to eat like 6 full 30 cm to call it a dinner.

  • Akshay Susawat
    Akshay Susawat


  • Erick Ferreira
    Erick Ferreira

    Deu água na boca mas tem mais massa do que recheio ai. Isso é péssimo pro estômago processar kkkkkkkk

  • Karina leles
    Karina leles


  • huneyoo

    Don't mind me, just willingly suffering during my wisdom teeth extraction recovery by watching videos of food I cant eat😂😂😭😭😭😭

  • corrlee

    These days if you wanna see how to make the best American style foods you watch the Koreans do it!

  • InsaniusQ

    where was the pizza in this video?

  • Raghav Suryan
    Raghav Suryan

    The person doesn't have enough skill to slice the pizza him/herself??? Just casually has a 3 feet long machine to do it??? I hate it with all the measuring and algorithm. A conveyer belt could do this persons job just as well without no skill/culinary experience. Even people eating a pizza have enough skill to slice the pizza themselves.

  • Ikram Ikramo
    Ikram Ikramo

    What about the meet it is ham?? Y333

  • Germán Argüello
    Germán Argüello

    That's more Buenos Aires style.. Not italian.. Despite of this, it looks amazing.

  • Lorenzo Gregorio
    Lorenzo Gregorio

    In Italy we use to say PORCO DIO when we see something like this :)

  • Idelia412

    Not enough cheese and to much bread.

  • Kamalesh D
    Kamalesh D

    What is the price of this pizza 🍕🍕🍕

  • Michl ausm Wald
    Michl ausm Wald

    Great, now I'm hungry like a wolf

  • 황준수

    군침이 싹도노



  • Francesco Ken Marisi
    Francesco Ken Marisi

    Vi prego, va bene chiamarla pizza ma smettetela di dire "italiana". Forse è buona, non lo so perchè non l'ho mangiata, ma da come l'ha fatta non è una pizza italiana.

  • sl kaszaa
    sl kaszaa


  • Arnav PRO Gaming
    Arnav PRO Gaming

    Oye India is big pp Korea small pp

  • zumbakat37

    I wish this would come to the USA. The food and cleanliness standards are so much higher than in the states. I hate these bums that go out, smoke a cigarette and the got their hands in the dough. No gloves, no masks. This is why there is a rise in food illnesses in America.

  • keep smiling with K.L
    keep smiling with K.L

    9:23 did they pour it water or oil?

    • Moisés Silva
      Moisés Silva


  • D Mac Attack
    D Mac Attack

    Wow! 🤤

  • cat pim
    cat pim

    próxima paragem, Coreia...

  • Eduarda Fernandes
    Eduarda Fernandes

    pizza is amazing ♥️

  • Muhammad Kamil
    Muhammad Kamil

    Me watching cooking video Also watching BTS💜 video on TV

  • MrAKS

    Fun fact:- This Italian Cheese Pizza is made in Korea

  • Подборка _ру
    Подборка _ру

    От этой пиццы у меня аш слюньки текут.

  • Nana Biscolat
    Nana Biscolat

    Oh mon dieu ! Ça, c’est de la pizza ! XD

  • Niranjan hegde
    Niranjan hegde

    Matt Stonie: 2 of these and a litre of Diet Coke

  • Marco Bonfardini
    Marco Bonfardini

    Don't call this kind of pizza "Italian Pizza" this is nothing to compare real Italian pizza. Ok?

  • itsmesharvi_07

    Just tell me the address 😵😵

  • Filippo Giadrossi
    Filippo Giadrossi

    The only things that are probably italians in this pizza are the ingredients... the procedure and recipe are not italians at all 😅

  • Cool Kid TV
    Cool Kid TV

    14:17 my favorite part

  • Mark G.
    Mark G.

    Street Food❓❓❓🤣🤣

  • блин блинский
    блин блинский

    that’s fluffy and crunchy cheesy pizza goes good with soda.... ugh i want this

  • dxmin13

    lol isnt that american style pizza

  • Simple Homemade Recipes
    Simple Homemade Recipes


  • Hafizdzul

    yo this is too much 😂

  • Gemma Rutherford
    Gemma Rutherford

    Italianissima 😂

  • Gabriel Savini
    Gabriel Savini

    Ma che è sta cagata

  • Lanny Y
    Lanny Y

    This didn’t look like a double cheese pizza it looks more like a double flour pizza it still looks delicious though

  • Nor Sahalan(Sahalan)
    Nor Sahalan(Sahalan)

    Okay.. obesity..I don't want

  • yonshi wonshi
    yonshi wonshi

    Hahahahaha the most useless machine ever, just cut the pizza with pizza knife or a goddamn samurai sword

  • Brady Dulin
    Brady Dulin

    So… is it Italian or Korean

  • Arwork

    oh shit,i want to eat it

  • Shashi Bhushan Sharma
    Shashi Bhushan Sharma

    This one makes me hungry 😆 Please give me also 😋😋😋😋😋😋😋

  • Fumi Re
    Fumi Re

    8:26 불편해요!

  • Inspire U & I
    Inspire U & I

    Italian?! This is way better than Italian. Korean food rocks!

  • Yuri Gomes
    Yuri Gomes

    9 da manhã de domingo vendo isso. Que triste.

  • Brudof

    Pizza bread?


    Its too "dirty" for koreans.. Haha

  • Sumita Nath
    Sumita Nath


  • moufida Souaifi
    moufida Souaifi


  • TroneX

    Lol in India 1 Slice = 1 Pizza

  • Deff 76
    Deff 76

    Seen as a 'FOCACCIA' that's not bad at all, and quite fits the name...mouthwatering. Seen as a 'pizza', that's a huge "no-no" due to the extra thick dough, and the cooking process.

  • Vincenzo Marcone
    Vincenzo Marcone

    Ma avete mai mangiato una pizza in Italia?

  • Jahfarai Skunkman
    Jahfarai Skunkman

    3 layer of cheese

  • اسماء اللة الحسنى اسماء اللة الحسنى
    اسماء اللة الحسنى اسماء اللة الحسنى

    اكو عربي هنا

  • Right World
    Right World

    Итальянская пицца Корейская уличная еда Ладно...

  • Sathi Mallick
    Sathi Mallick

    Cocking is an art . & Our mom is a artist Some time coking ingredients become deadly weapons 😅😅 Like Arjun's Archer

  • Tokila

    If that pizza is italian, im Audrey Hepburn.

  • Farhan Qadir
    Farhan Qadir

    What meat is that?

  • Soulful Shayari
    Soulful Shayari


  • Assdfg Fdsa
    Assdfg Fdsa

    O yea🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤

  • Giandomenico leonardi
    Giandomenico leonardi

    Praticamente hanno stuprato il nome “pizza”