Chlöe Performs "Have Mercy" | 2021 VMAs | MTV
Chlöe performs "Have Mercy" at the 2021 VMAs.

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    Chlöe Bailey on 'Have Mercy' & Her Solo Debut:

    • Savannah Yemane
      Savannah Yemane

      Wow she did that!! Go Chole!!

    • Uriel Falcão
      Uriel Falcão

      can someone tell me the name of the intro of this song?

    • P Kitty
      P Kitty

      @Dee MER Well thank you for pointing out something that you absolutely favor 😁🙄

    • Catalina santana
      Catalina santana

      @Laura Catha Beyoncé??? Never

    • Dee MER
      Dee MER

      @P Kitty LMAO! TROLL

  • Youngnheart Love
    Youngnheart Love

    She’s a wanna be Beyoncé

  • AaliyahV

    She does put you in the mind of Beyoncé I’d take that as a compliment honestly the outfit the dances idk I just see Beyoncé and I never say that about singers very rare Especially at 2:39

  • Ricardo Castro
    Ricardo Castro

    She’s a Legend in the making!!

  • Ricardo Castro
    Ricardo Castro

    THE BOSS!!!

  • ComeAtMeBro

    Demonic and evil

  • Chraya Hobbs
    Chraya Hobbs

    idk i dont like the full song . i like the part thats trending but nahh

  • íɑʍFatiᴍa

    Yes Chloe you did that!!!!

  • ComeAtMeBro


  • TayMarieee

    I like how the same people hating on the performance are also pointing out the tampon damn, you was looking hard 🥴

  • Majick Feline
    Majick Feline

    Is this a strip show or a singing performance? How did this song get picked for a performance to debut at this show? Seems like sex is all they want, not actual singing with lyrics that have meaning;substance. Nice body but why do that to yourself? This should be called, show my ass and feel myself up awards.

  • It’s Mikayla
    It’s Mikayla

    y’all talking about the tampon string like periods aren’t natural it’s nothing to be embarrassed about y’all grow up

  • Tasha G
    Tasha G

    Damn this song being catchy. I love her energy and she did spectacular!

  • partaymaker

    that mic was ON! and I loved the spooky/halloween theme. SO GOOD!

  • Hannah Stender
    Hannah Stender

    The beginning part was her opening her body to demon possession. It’s the same demon Beyoncé uses

  • Jesus Garcia
    Jesus Garcia

    lets gooo black queens giving talent

  • rahkeen clark
    rahkeen clark

    Look at my next bm go babymama go

  • Mara R.
    Mara R.

    Why was my comment deleted 😕

  • Lisa Nicole Vann
    Lisa Nicole Vann

    Beyonce better look out Chloe did her thang and she was DDDAAAMMMNNN good!!!

  • 1HunnidAce

    Did she lick the mic-💀💀 3:45

  • a as
    a as

    Can you not see the fu*kin tampon hanging out 😂🤣😂🤣😁

    • It’s Mikayla
      It’s Mikayla

      and what abt it

  • Zed's Dead
    Zed's Dead

    OMG did no else notice the tampon sticking out of her vajj when she bent over. I choked laughing so hard. GROSS!!!!

    • Zed's Dead
      Zed's Dead

      @It’s Mikayla No. Of course not. Embarassing things happen. Obviously, it will get noticed I feel bad for her actually.

    • It’s Mikayla
      It’s Mikayla

      @Zed's Dead what is she supposed to do cancel

    • Zed's Dead
      Zed's Dead

      @It’s Mikayla Menstruation is natural and normal. Humping a stage with a filthy tampon swinging around is not Not to mention her actual hole showed. Yucky

    • It’s Mikayla
      It’s Mikayla

      periods are 100% natural and normal get over yourself

  • Jon Focker
    Jon Focker

    More satanic and masonic tomfoolery. Its getting old and predictable. I can't wait for the music industry to crack up.

  • Shan Williams
    Shan Williams

    If y'all don't see the demonic possession then y'all blind. What a coincidence Beyonce is her mentor.

  • Jazzmin Williams
    Jazzmin Williams


  • colyn thompson
    colyn thompson


  • kate bowes
    kate bowes

    4:40 she just let go fully I love it she’s amazing and going to be huge, can’t take my eyes off her… just wow 🤩

  • Rufaro Matsika
    Rufaro Matsika

    It's giving Beyonce

  • ffs.aesthetics

    Ngl kinda gave beyonce vibes but the performance was good and i loved it

  • Gulosinha

    Entregou tudo c loko 😍😍

  • Gray


  • T M
    T M

    This was a Beyonce performance 🙄

  • Miss Proctor
    Miss Proctor

    Her vocals are better then B's. Let her do her and stop comparing her. There's plenty of room for great talent. Let her have her own lane sheesh!

  • Maxx Barzz
    Maxx Barzz

    Worse performance ive ever seen. Tacky. Dance moves was off. She looked stiff and outta breathe. Flopping ard like a fish outta water. Definitely looked like some form of ritual. Trash.

  • MKA

    Love how she gives that Beyoncé energy but is her own person.

  • Shayan Janghorban
    Shayan Janghorban

    This is better than her video

  • Simeon Hibbert
    Simeon Hibbert

    Such low standards these days SMH

  • Mistress Ayaba
    Mistress Ayaba

    So why was I expecting more lol like everyone hyped this performance up so much I just expected to see idk maybe more of a dance routine or something

  • Kurt-Zion Boncales
    Kurt-Zion Boncales

    Beyoncé in the making. This reminds me of DIVA

  • Destinee Wright
    Destinee Wright

    Beyoncé taught her well! 🙌🏾💖💖💖

  • Jose Zambrano
    Jose Zambrano

    What else can you ask for!!!

  • Lea821_

    I can can see the Beyoncé comparisons and it makes me feel for her because she is so talented and should be put in her own lane. I hope she and others are able to except her for her own entity.

  • Whitney Compton
    Whitney Compton

    Her and bey channeling the same spirit😳

  • Threather Champion
    Threather Champion

    Really Chloe; you have such a great voice, you don't have to sell your soul to just get attention. I saw this coming when you and your sister was singing together. You are love and bless my sister.

  • Latoya

    Y'all lying. The song is great but the performance doesn't match.

  • Misfit Unique
    Misfit Unique

    I Know Diggy Simmons Punching The Air 😂😂

  • Felicia Thompson
    Felicia Thompson

    The tampon is the topic how embarrassing 💔💔

    • It’s Mikayla
      It’s Mikayla

      why should it be embarrassing period are completely normal and nothing to ashamed about

  • Misfit Unique
    Misfit Unique

    Welcome To The Illuminati Cholé

    • SamSoPretty

      You are literally in my head. The blonde hair, over sexualized performance, spirit of Beyoncé mounted on this girl. Why the hell did she lick the mic? That was odd.

  • - b a k u g o u .
    - b a k u g o u .

    She's a legend, she's an icon, and she IS the moment Like-- her vocal is so stable and you can actually see that she is really singing live, also, she dances REALLY well and her stage presence is FIRE. STAN CHLOE Y'ALL!! I love her sm

    • MrTimeless101

      legend, icon? those words have no meaning nowadays huh.

  • Raheem Faulkner
    Raheem Faulkner

    Omg 😱 😱

  • Sieje Akime Bell
    Sieje Akime Bell The house that mother built!

  • Makeup With Sky
    Makeup With Sky

    You can TELL she’s singing that live hell yes Chlöe

  • aswer huio
    aswer huio

    Beyoncé said “I ain’t gonna be around forever, I need a replace.”


    This scary look like witchcraft

  • Alasia Tew
    Alasia Tew

    Just pray for her… no judgment just pray for her hopefully she didn’t do what ppl think she did

    • aswer huio
      aswer huio

      Beyoncé carbon copy

  • Prince Golden
    Prince Golden

    Am I only one who saw her tampon 1:08 when she is still on the platform

  • Elven Aesthetics
    Elven Aesthetics

    That last little belt moment when she was on the floor? The amount of control needed for that. She is literal icon in the making

  • DP-R.Est.89

    Never heard of her before but I’ve seen this performance a million times. Nicki, cardi, Meg, any other female artist. Twerk, booty, sex, that’s all we get. Bring back Lauryn Hill!

  • Black By Day Johnson
    Black By Day Johnson

    Clearly she sold her soul

  • Ibrahim Waqia
    Ibrahim Waqia

    Best performance of the night


    Aw she a freeeaak

  • Gonk

    What's that white thing if you pause at 3:05 ? it's on the left side of her flabia labia.

  • zaraS s
    zaraS s

    She just copy beyonce

  • gamergirlpee


  • gamergirlpee


  • Lorédane M
    Lorédane M

    no personality ..she has copied beyonce

    • Fairygrl

      Didn’t Beyonce mentor her or something

  • The Mrs.
    The Mrs.

    If we wanted BEYONCE then we would just watch BEYONCE! Be yourself it's A NO FOR ME!

  • Flyzulu aviation
    Flyzulu aviation

    Parkwood entertainment ...yes :)

  • Camila Vera
    Camila Vera

    yeah, keep comparing her with bey, they're BOTH queens of different generations

  • Tyler Martin
    Tyler Martin

    Beyoncé carbon copy

    • Tyler Harris
      Tyler Harris

      Beyoncé was her mentor

  • Yogilove

    So liberating watching her being so fierce! Incredible performance and after Lil Nas x it's my favorite for that night

  • Alyce

    I really love that operatic intro

  • Guerlande J
    Guerlande J

    Voice sound like Beyoncé

  • Lari Dias
    Lari Dias


  • Cynthia Kariuki
    Cynthia Kariuki

    Who else noticed some Beyoncé dance moves... Damn girl❤️❤️❤️❤️


    Who here everyday lol 🥵🙋🏾🙋🏽‍♀️ Check in


    Chloe Bailey honestly the beginning of this performance was the stupidest thing I've ever seen you need to stop trying to be like every other celebrity that you're not because you would never be in there shine being your own shine and your own light because literally as soon as you scream b**** I stopped the video and I'm not watching the rest

    • Tyler Harris
      Tyler Harris

      She don’t care and will never see this comment XD

  • Arabellia Johnson
    Arabellia Johnson

    Umm I'm sorry that sounded exactly like Beyonce.I mean right down to the core!Suspect,yet very sketchy!Somethings not right!

    • Dara Sara
      Dara Sara

      Bc Beyoncé was her trainer 😐

  • N A D S O N
    N A D S O N


  • Lyes Zerari
    Lyes Zerari

    Just came to watch her tampon hanging :)

  • Marquita Martin
    Marquita Martin

    She's growing on me

  • Lena Universe
    Lena Universe

    She performed very well. The only problem is she should’ve chose a different outfit since she knew she was on her cycle. If you re-watch and pay close attention you’ll see what I mean.

    • Sabrina Thompson
      Sabrina Thompson

      The string on a tampon is very tiny. It’s so tiny that it probably wouldn’t make it past the lips without being folded and bent back into them. It DEFINITELY wouldn’t make it out past the lips enough to be seen by a camera while she was on stage. Use your brain. On top of that. . .she had on stockings and a whole garment that it would have had to make it past. 🙄 Y’all dumb.

    • ChrissyG

      Too bad that wasn't a tampon strong ☺️😐

    • Lari Dias
      Lari Dias

      Como assim?

    • Sabrina Thompson
      Sabrina Thompson

      I want you to go look at a tampon, pay close attention to the string on a tampon. . .then come back and look at this.

  • Roger Anival
    Roger Anival

    La mejor presentación

  • Meruna Stelar
    Meruna Stelar

    I need a symphonic metal version of this song based on that intro alone with the orchestral instruments!

  • Alive Mniki - Purpose ECR
    Alive Mniki - Purpose ECR


  • Karlisha Black
    Karlisha Black


  • Jonathan Jones
    Jonathan Jones

    We all know she's a demon now right

    • Dara Sara
      Dara Sara

      As she should 😍queen

  • Micaela Suarez
    Micaela Suarez


  • Ivana Ale
    Ivana Ale

    Canta lindo, un don hermoso; pero muy muy ordinaria la vestimenta y su actuar. Se nota la falta de amor propio, dignidad y autorespeto.

  • curvyQT1

    Ok...This is Beyonce Jr....smh. I wish that she would have found her own style and voice!

  • Teckla Furro
    Teckla Furro

    How do yall feel about the Christians in the comment section ?

    • Teckla Furro
      Teckla Furro

      @Essynce Look hell aint for me

    • Essynce

      @Teckla Furro pick another struggle.

    • Dara Sara
      Dara Sara

      Idgaf abt them 😂 they come to watch it and then they complain like what

    • Teckla Furro
      Teckla Furro

      @Essynce They are trying to lead people to Christ who are lost because they dont want them to go to hell

    • Essynce

      what are they even doing here!!

  • Redeye Productions
    Redeye Productions

    Personally this reminded me of the craziness Beyonce would also have on stage ♥️❤truly awesome

  • Laquan Gibbons
    Laquan Gibbons

    This is giving me Beyonce vibes...where is her vibe.

  • Gee Tee
    Gee Tee

    Lip sync. Clearly not singing.

    • Lari Dias
      Lari Dias

      Claro que ela está cantando ao vivo

    • Dara Sara
      Dara Sara

      Enough embarrassing urself 😭

  • April

    She learning from the best..I see it 👀 🐝🐝🐝🐝

  • Peeriiod


  • M Knight
    M Knight

    3:20 Omgosh chills HER FACE 😍😫

  • fromthe bottom
    fromthe bottom

    ..Tho', talented af/#period😏

  • It’s TT
    It’s TT

    She was doing a lu to much at the end

  • Diana Salazar
    Diana Salazar

    I remember she doing a live on IG and she was was putting this beat, well practically a whole song together and everyone wanted her to put it out. The sisters can do it all. Good to see them go from BR-it, to acting..all their hard work is paying off.