(Outdated) All legends of runeterra champion level up animations (As of 'Sentinels of light')
This video is outdated, check out a newer version:

New champion animations:
Akshan - 0:00
Viego - 11:46

Link to the Legends of Runeterra youtube channel: br-it.info/vision/MZ5...

0:00 Akshan
0:08 Anivia
0:15 Aphelios
0:29 Ashe
0:41 Aurelion Sol
0:50 Azir
1:15 Braum
1:23 Darius
1:30 Diana
1:39 Draven
1:52 Ekko
2:12 Elise
2:20 Ezreal
2:28 Fiora
2:52 Fizz
3:02 Gangplank
3:14 Garen
3:25 Hecarim
3:34 Heimerdinger
3:42 Irelia
3:51 Jarvan IV
4:01 Jinx
4:11 Kalista
4:20 Karma
4:28 Katarina
4:36 Kindred
4:47 Leblanc
4:59 Lee Sin
5:12 Leona
5:23 Lissandra
5:44 Lucian
5:52 Lulu
6:02 Lux
6:12 Malphite
6:25 Maokai
6:41 Miss Fortune
6:53 Nasus
7:15 Nautilus
7:28 Nocturne
7:44 Pyke
7:53 Quinn
8:03 Rek’sai
8:15 Renekton
8:39 Riven
8:49 Sejuani
9:01 Shen
9:11 Shyvana
9:22 Sivir
9:33 Soraka
9:44 Swain
9:57 Tahm kench
10:12 Taliyah
10:25 Taric
10:35 Teemo
10:46 Thresh
10:56 Trundle
11:10 Tryndamere
11:23 Twisted Fate
11:36 Vi
11:46 Viego
11:55 Viktor
12:09 Vladimir
12:20 Yasuo
12:32 Zed
12:41 Zilean
12:53 Zoe

  • We're no Strangers to love
    We're no Strangers to love

    Nobody beats invading ionia level up

  • Ximit yolas
    Ximit yolas

    Wait they made a card game? ok

    • Calloaxion

      Actually, it was made over a year ago, but I guess a lot of people don't know because it's a card game

  • Ditto

    No samira feelsbadman

  • ZeroDeroRero

    I hate fiora's win condition but I must say the animation is so fucking cool

  • Akira

    every champ deserves a cinematic

  • Aegis9

    Lucian's animation cold af

  • Jeffalong

    i was waiting for jinx and all she got was a fucking graffiti and her theme song

  • Daiki Kaminari
    Daiki Kaminari

    Malphite is the best

  • Stamatis Zygas
    Stamatis Zygas

    Why is Sivir's so damn good

  • Jota

    Renekton win it.

  • OmegaArbinator

    The best level up will always be naut's solely because of BLOOD AND SALT

  • WhySo Clever
    WhySo Clever

    where is cait?

    • Calloaxion

      I’ll soon upload a new video including Caitlynn

  • Lotus Of Art
    Lotus Of Art

    sad aphelios' lvl up animation is taken from his teaser from League

  • Lex1Con .P
    Lex1Con .P

    I don't know, I kinda prefer the original animations. It feels appropriate for a card game. There's so many creative ways to play with animation envolved around the card. The cinematic stuffs are cool but it just feel generic and only for the sake of badassery.

    • Lex1Con .P
      Lex1Con .P

      Aurelion sol is actually pretty good too. It's still have cool cinematic and still interact with the card in someway. Just please don't let it be a video playing and then the upgraded card appear

  • sir LoseAlot
    sir LoseAlot

    They literally re-use his Trailer for Aphelios level up

  • Cryø Delta
    Cryø Delta

    2:44 why do i hear Swim's outro music ?

  • wisetown

    Lucian's was so satisfying 🧐

  • Emiru97

    Gp: bassbosted cannons

  • Vitor Silva
    Vitor Silva

    new animations: cool cinematic old animations: SpIn

  • Loaf of Bread
    Loaf of Bread

    The ones that are just a cutscene are lame vs creative transitions with the card and the game The cutscenes are cool just feel uninspired

  • FlaredFist

    I'm sorry but that TF hand animation is downright unfair

  • Harry

    We can see which cards are newer based on the animations

  • M Aulia Fajar Purwanto
    M Aulia Fajar Purwanto

    Hmmm so many new card this month

  • Wolffee

    Azir, Yasuo, Swain most beautiful ones.

  • Karphus S.O.L
    Karphus S.O.L

    New cards: Epic and cool animations Old cards: SPIIIIIIIINN

    • Adolfo Alfaro
      Adolfo Alfaro

      But new ones don't have lv up music anymore 😔

  • FLipY ツ
    FLipY ツ

    is it just me or did fiora one shot 20 health nexus

    • Calloaxion

      When she gets 4 kills you straight up just win the game, no matter the enemy's nexus health, that's her ability.

  • KraZe ღ
    KraZe ღ

    kinda weird how in nasus his one he looks so angry and is screaming but the voicing is so calm like hes reading the newspaper

  • KraZe ღ
    KraZe ღ

    honestly miss fortune is the ugliest shit ive seen, like wtf it feels like some minecraft youtuber intro maker made that

  • Ultimate Machine
    Ultimate Machine

    As a Swain/GP player man I enjoy every single bit of GP and Swain's level up animation, they're the sickest ever

  • The Gas mask guy
    The Gas mask guy

    Swains lvl up is a pretty lackluster but ok

    • Calloaxion

      It's a pretty popular one though

  • Matheus Locatelli
    Matheus Locatelli

    Taliyah's animation is the best for me but i also love LeBlanc's (the mirrors, the rose, her clones i swear its perfection)

  • Arthur Damasco
    Arthur Damasco

    where's my cho gath

  • Doughnut

    The animation of Trundle's Pillar took 5 minutes to load and when it starts loading, my laptop blew

  • gaoda cheese
    gaoda cheese

    Azir one, sheesh

  • Sergio Zamora
    Sergio Zamora

    Original champions didnt even appear in their animations, new ones have full cinematics

  • DomAAAgoj


  • KH4D4

    i dont play runaterra but actually this animations are so cool lol

  • TheYeetedOne

    Mordekaiser? Aatrox?

  • Artip Pitaktong
    Artip Pitaktong

    I feels like the fps of the new champions are drop to 30fps for some reasons, is anyone has the same issue like me ??

    • Artip Pitaktong
      Artip Pitaktong

      Yeahh thats true, but this include lissandra Azir and Nasus which once the animation was 60 fps but after update their animations fps drop to 30😢😢😢

    • Calloaxion

      I think that's because they sacrificed frames to get more detail. Not that your average computer couldn't handle that, but it has to be able to run on mobile, and it appearantly can't be too different due to technical methods.

  • markjohn liwag
    markjohn liwag

    azir nasus and renekton is my fav animation

  • Gozali Asbe
    Gozali Asbe

    I love 1 minute shurima deck cinematic

  • DMaster8686


    • Calloaxion

      @Your next line is I believe the correct answer to your question is 'The rise of shurima'

    • Your next line is
      Your next line is

      @Calloaxion So what have u seen today?

    • Calloaxion


  • Meta knight
    Meta knight

    Renekton’s scream gives me chills everytime

  • Meta knight
    Meta knight

    I love Malphite’s *ITS TIME TO SHAKE, THINGS, UP!*

  • tristan

    I really appreciate the 1 minute cinematic of evolutions and ascensions when the ennemy have a shurima deck.

  • Osman Akdin
    Osman Akdin

    Best one is pyke changed mymind

  • vgyguv

    Who are your top three favourite animations?

  • Red Risus
    Red Risus

    Cinematic level ups trash, animations with cards interaction is much more creative and better

  • Antoine Amrou
    Antoine Amrou

    Zilean has the best lvl animation imo


    lmao the poro be like "hell yeah" every time

  • Jingz

    Most of the animation that have actual champions model is so lame. Just be there and swing some limbs. Hope they don't go further in that route, the earlier style of iconic action and color movement is a lot cooler.

  • Mr. Miyagi
    Mr. Miyagi

    I wonder if they’ll ever do a rework on some of the older level up animations so they match the quality of the newer ones

  • giorgos LoR_53
    giorgos LoR_53

    I like how the ekko deck is losing against Al

    • Calloaxion

      I wanted Ekko + Zilean to work, but the payoff from levelling them is not really enough to win. Buff plz riot.

  • Un Tal Bryan
    Un Tal Bryan

    Aatrox? No? Ok :(

  • Nick Holness
    Nick Holness

    I don't think I've ever seen Heimers level up until this video lmao

  • GiHyun Kim
    GiHyun Kim

    I think the targon update had the best animation... after shurima with cutscenes feel it's bit too much. Hope they tone it down like LeBlanc?

  • frigate 2015
    frigate 2015

    no ahri .... last 10 champion they already in the card game and ahri in the game before those champion was release shame of them

  • IsIs likes YoU
    IsIs likes YoU

    Lux: Pushing my limits My shiny brain: Thats what she said Me: *Laughs*

  • Jericho Tipay
    Jericho Tipay

    The Pyke level up shows us what in-game pyke would have been if it went with the direction of his lore.

    • Jericho Tipay
      Jericho Tipay

      @Monkeyapo Pyke isn't like that in-game. He rarely ever screams, and he does so in either joke lines or does it in a way that's isn't what people expected of him to do. LoR Pyke's fits more with his description in the lore, while LoL Pyke seems like he was created before the lore did or The design team and the lore team were working separately. Just look at TB Skyen's Video on Pyke's design and you'll understand what I mean.

    • Monkeyapo

      @Jericho Tipay that's how he is in game? hello?

    • Jericho Tipay
      Jericho Tipay

      @Apple Baron The In-game Pyke for LoL is way too calm for a crazy serial killer driven mad by the voices inside his head. LoR, specifically his level up animation, shows us how cool Pyke would have turned out if he was like that in-game.

    • Apple Baron
      Apple Baron

      Um... what?

  • Altide

    If they only reworked their champs instead of putting effort into this game that no one wants to play. Just look how amazing they look here. They're losing their playerbase, the game have stagnated to much

    • Altide

      @Celestinno I'm talking about TFT game as a whole, not the lore. This game is ****

    • Calloaxion

      @Altide Companies are about money, which is why the quality of the animations increased significantly as the player base grew. Making a card game is not the most efficient way to make money, don't get me wrong it WILL make them money, but I think it's also partly because they wanted to make a card game, after all there are so many other things they could've done to earn more money.

    • Altide

      @Calloaxion Mhh all companies are about money. The quality of these animations says quite abit about the effort put into the card game, it was definitely a priority for them. The problem is that they shifted away from their main playerbase to much which makes people leave alltogether

    • Calloaxion

      I mean this game does see a surprising amount of play, but I don't think that's Riot's priority. They want to make a card game so they made a card game, despite knowing that it wouldn't bring in millions of dollars.

  • Rejfen

    I really like the fact that you can hear themes of champion in some level ups

  • Bardo Andarilho
    Bardo Andarilho

    Level up animations before: *hehe lights go brrr* Level up animations then: * cinematic *

    • Victor Cardoso
      Victor Cardoso

      old ones are so much cooler tho

  • Dominik Garry
    Dominik Garry

    Cant stess enough that fiora is literally exodia lol

  • Smuckers

    Id have a champ in my deck just bc they have a good animation

  • Zanodia

    That malphite animation needs to be his ultimate.

  • Zinn4444


  • Thony le fantôme bleu
    Thony le fantôme bleu

    0:01 Literalmente Cancebero

  • Mr All Sunday
    Mr All Sunday

    Al you can see sejuani's animation is most meanful one.

  • SweetShit -
    SweetShit -


  • Yaşasın ırkımız
    Yaşasın ırkımız

    Teemo is the best

  • harry c
    harry c

    The accessible africa fortunately intend because albatross meteorologically tug until a helpless monday. sharp, jobless chain

  • GeorgeYTG

    Thresh: "Ah, the sweet tones of misery" *Teemo levels up* Fitting.

    • Calloaxion


  • Arch Star Platinum
    Arch Star Platinum

    Why does Azir get a whole Cinematic

    • Adolfo Alfaro
      Adolfo Alfaro

      Before to Azir: Aurelion, Shyvanna, Nocturne and Aphelios

    • Filip Bitala
      Filip Bitala

      @Lintang Mukti Prabowo_FMIPA that its free and f2p means the same why did you have to say it twice

    • Filip Bitala
      Filip Bitala

      @Retanizer same in hearthstone and Gwent and hundred others, doesnt mean that if you dont buy them you will lose

    • Retanizer

      @Filip Bitala first of all, this doesn't answer the comment at all. Second, this game is completely Free to Play, you can literally get EVERY SINGLE cards in the game without paying a single penny

    • Whitley Takiyama
      Whitley Takiyama

      Well two main reasons 1. Is because they’re making all level up animations more cinematic now. And 2. He can level up twice since he’s ‘ascended’ in his lore as well as the game

  • Rui Ribeiro
    Rui Ribeiro

    God we don't get to see Aurelion's masterpiece of a level up often enough

    • Manol Georgiev
      Manol Georgiev

      @Jordan Nathaniel he was really popular about 3 mounths ago. I got to see his animation a lot back then.

    • Jordan Nathaniel
      Jordan Nathaniel

      People don't use him much now

    • Adolfo Alfaro
      Adolfo Alfaro

      The first cinematic lv up

  • tafsielyk e
    tafsielyk e

    no talon?

    • JLPP35

      I hope for it. In Noxus are only left Sion, Rell, Cassio and Talon (I think I am forgetting someone, and Morse if you wanted to put it in Noxus but probably is going to be in the Shadow Islands). And every big expansion every region gets atlest one champion, so is matter of time

  • Wuasauski 007
    Wuasauski 007

    Make a different video with level up of skins :DD

    • Calloaxion

      Man that shiz cost money, and the more skins they release the more money I have to spend. I play game's for free if I can get away with it, and I don't plan to abandon that value, despite how tempting it is. Besides I think the skins are way too expensive for an art change and new animation.

  • Alex Ursu
    Alex Ursu

    I'm pretty sure at this point a valid strat is trying to cause your opponent's PC to overheat.

  • Simixel

    I miss old level up animation style ಥ‿ಥ

  • Lightmagician60

    i wonder if they will ever redo/update level up animations. because some are already looking dated.. {Anvia, Hecarim, Teemo}

    • skelet8

      The teemo one is unique

    • William FT
      William FT

      After a long time playing, the same animations start to get boring

    • CutCutado The Ogre
      CutCutado The Ogre

      @Reza Sevenson yeah, but some are just outdated

    • Reza Sevenson
      Reza Sevenson

      Simple and Short animation are good too

    • CutCutado The Ogre
      CutCutado The Ogre

      True, but at the same time the one reason they look dated is because the other ones are so fucking good. But yeah, i would love to get a more crazy explosion-filled Jinx level up, she feels the most underwhelming to me.

  • Thuy Tran
    Thuy Tran

    Legend of Runetera does't have Aatrox :((((((

    • Matias Woiciechowski
      Matias Woiciechowski

      Yes, Void creatures, vastayans, demons, Darkins, etc are all going to be in the game eventually as little expansions.

    • CutCutado The Ogre
      CutCutado The Ogre

      They will add him eventually Or so do i believe. Pls rito.

  • Call me Senpai
    Call me Senpai

    Idk why... but i feels like watching digimon evolutions Epic

  • Aguion Stryke
    Aguion Stryke

    some of these need to be updated, my ice bird barely has an animation...

  • Gilgamesh ,the treasure hunter
    Gilgamesh ,the treasure hunter

    I guess Viego's is how he ruins someone

  • Charles de Oliveira
    Charles de Oliveira

    I have mixed feelings about these. I love them all. Some feels cheaper than others. I love the videos and wanted for everybody. At the same time I love the animations that play with the card cuz they look more assembled with the game and not just a separate video. idk...

    • A spoon is on the loose
      A spoon is on the loose

      Darius's level up looks cool and simple

    • Cryo

      Some look better or how you call it "less cheaper" because some champions like eg. Garen, Jinx, Darius or Anivia were in the base release of the game. And it just seems riot back then didn't put much of their resources into the animations. But the game evolved with time and they started making better and better level up animations for the newer champs. Perhaps one day they will rework some of the older game assets.

    • Tuấn Anh Nguyễn
      Tuấn Anh Nguyễn


    • Charles de Oliveira
      Charles de Oliveira

      the perfect mix exemples for me are Shyvana and Taric (full body animation + card animation impersonating their personality)

  • Seifeir

    Say what you will about them getting more and more involved, but Diana’s animation is so clean I could watch it all day

    • rareXD

      Pykes is good too

    • Adolfo Alfaro
      Adolfo Alfaro

      @Misunderstood Madman and Vi

    • Misunderstood Madman
      Misunderstood Madman

      Same with TF's and Swain's imo

  • Blenderis YO
    Blenderis YO

    How to even access this new event?? There is no chose side button......

    • Calloaxion

      @Blenderis YO I could imagine, it probably would be complicated to have the event thing be on a platform that they don't own.

    • Blenderis YO
      Blenderis YO

      @Calloaxion i bet they somehow f*ked up on logging in throught google system

    • Calloaxion

      @Blenderis YO Well after I chose a side and 'declared my allegiance' I got access to the event pass. I don't know much about logging in from google, but if you really can't find a solution try writing a ticket to Riot through support-legendsofruneterra.riotgames.com/hc/en-us. It usually only takes a day or two to get your problems fixed by support, and I can personally say that Riot has great support.

    • Blenderis YO
      Blenderis YO

      I log in through google not through riot acc. After log in it says account activated and thats it. In home page playrunaterra.com i can "declare your allegiance" to see what cards are in which deck. Thats about it

    • Blenderis YO
      Blenderis YO

      @Calloaxion For some reason Home button doesnt have event animation or anything similar. Event button says "proceed to the home page to unlock event"

  • Wizardbound 77
    Wizardbound 77

    Technically Lucian has two level up animations based on if senna dies or if 4 non senna allies die

    • Your next line is
      Your next line is

      @Wizardbound 77 The fury within me cannot be contained

    • Wizardbound 77
      Wizardbound 77

      8:17 also do you know what he just said XD

    • Calloaxion

      While that is true, the Senna level includes the 4-death animation, so in showing the Senna version, the entire other animation is visible nonetheless.

  • Julian Cleven
    Julian Cleven

    I think their evolution is interesting

  • Frank Jiang
    Frank Jiang

    I have 密集恐惧症

  • Пипец Прикинь
    Пипец Прикинь

    Still waiting Evelynn

    • Deltastream

      What region though?

    • aazizul 2
      aazizul 2

      While me hoping for bard

    • Black Pearl
      Black Pearl

      And rakan

    • Agustin.

      I waiting xayah

  • Miika Tenkula
    Miika Tenkula

    Anivia still has nearly no animation whilst Akshan teleports you to his own territory.

    • reeyn

      @runter gerutscht rr4tt

    • Adolfo Alfaro
      Adolfo Alfaro

      But cinematics lv up don't have music theme

    • runter gerutscht
      runter gerutscht

      @mifigor 19 Teemo has exactly as much as he deserves

    • mifigor 19
      mifigor 19

      What about Teemo?

  • Saifeddine El fateh
    Saifeddine El fateh

    Pyke's lvl up animation is the sickest ever

    • Rhythm19

      And when after leveling up he starts doing a board wipe

    • Ángel Perez
      Ángel Perez

      I think zilean's pretty sick, atleast my fav

    • Your next line is
      Your next line is

      So many names... i'm just getting started!

    • No Game No Life
      No Game No Life

      Then aurelion

    • Gandy LP
      Gandy LP


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